Empowering Businesses to Transform Through Joy and Technology to Elevate Sense of Belonging and Innovation

In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and profound societal shifts, organizations confront the critical challenge of evolving not merely as businesses, but as vibrant ecosystems enriched by the human spirit and ambition.

Leading with Joy® is crafted to address this opportunity by creating capacity for change. It achieves that by empowering leaders and teams with a new generation of creative tools and strategies grounded in strategic design thinking and a mindfulness-based approach enabled by AI, to foster an environment that cultivates resilience, spurs innovation, and drives meaningful growth.

Leading with Joy®’s aim is to boost business performance by amplifying employee engagement, bolstering strategic differentiation, and enhancing customer satisfaction. It supports robust operational health and contributes positively to societal and environmental needs, all while fostering personal wellbeing and fulfilment.

Why Does This Matter?

Current strategies are no longer fit for the new era of growth accelerated by technological and scientific progress and changes to work habits.

Organizations struggle to adapt purposefully to the New Economy of emerging AGI, decentralized systems and democratized opportunities at a cost of disengagement by employees, dissatisfied customers and negative impact on the society and environment.​

This leads to erosion in ‘Sense of Belonging’ and value creation due to lost productivity, forgone revenue, sub-optimal return on capital and social and environmental costs.

Research Credits: Gallup State of the Global Workplace Report (2023) and Microsoft Work Trends Index Pulse Report (2022)


In UK alone, only 11% of workers are actively engaged with their jobs


90% of them don’t want to go back to pre-Covid ways of working


​While there is a major trust issue by managers in having full confidence in their teams working remotely

However, investing in Organizational Wellbeing Produces Incremental Commercial, Social and Environmental Value

Data suggests that a portfolio of high-wellbeing companies outperforms standard benchmarks, particularly during periods where the stock market is generally increasing, which is why proactive investment in Employee Experience is key to sustainable growth.

Research Credit: De Neve, Kaats, Ward of University of Oxford 2023 Workplace wellbeing and firm performance

Leading with Joy®’s aim is to boost overall business performance by nurturing a profound ‘Sense of Belonging’

Organizations will be able to unlock the collective wisdom necessary to drive significant change and elevate both the human and corporate potential.

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What Differentiates Leading with Joy®?

Leading with Joy® is the first, end-to-end complete, modular program built over 7 years of research and experimentation and tested in enterprises and venture environments across key industry ecosystems. It supports the entire lifecycle of strategy design, decision-making, and innovation delivery. This method employs a consciously-crafted set of unique impact tools and approaches grounded in mindfulness, design thinking, and hybrid intelligence to bridge the learning gap created by rapid advancements in science and technology, ensuring organizations not only adapt but thrive in new business environments.

How Can My Organization Benefit from Implementing Leading with Joy®?

Implementing Leading with Joy® can transform your organization by fostering a culture of belonging, innovation, and engagement. It enhances employee wellbeing, satisfaction, and productivity, leading to improved customer experiences and business performance. The method supports leaders and their teams in developing strategic, human-centric approaches to navigate the complexities of the New Economy, driving both commercial success and social impact.

How Does Leading with Joy® Create Value?

Leading with Joy® creates value by aligning business practices with universal human values and needs. Designed by a renowned expert in design thinking and human and life-centered design, it utilizes innovative human-psychology learning methods and behaviors. The program delivers unique experiences other programs cannot match to ensure that your team is empowered to consciously craft and deliver every aspect of your business strategy to foster resilience, innovation, and sustainable growth.

What Are the Core Principles of Leading with Joy®?

The core principles of Leading with Joy® include mindfulness, life-centricity, and hybrid intelligence. Research shows that prioritizing human wellbeing leads to organizational effectiveness. The method encourages a holistic approach to business, integrating emotional, psychological, and technological insights to create a more balanced and prosperous working environment.

How Is Leading with Joy® Implemented in an Organization?

Leading with Joy® is currently implemented as a tailored training program across company teams, structured around a five-phase approach: Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance, Empowerment, and Integration. This process starts by defining the desired state and identifying obstacles. It progresses by securing consensus to discard outdated practices and pinpoint new opportunities, advancing towards collective growth, and culminating in integration and iteration for ongoing enhancement. Designed to be adaptable, the program can be customized to meet the unique needs and objectives of your organization, ensuring optimal impact and sustainability.

Additionally, we are developing an AI companion that will provide continuous support for your daily operations. This tool will bridge the principles of Leading with Joy® with both widely accessible resources and proprietary tools specific to your organization, enhancing the application and effectiveness of the program.

Who Should Participate in the Leading with Joy® Program?

The Leading with Joy program is designed for leaders at all levels, from senior executives to team managers, as well as their teams. It is particularly beneficial for those responsible for strategic planning, innovation, and organizational development. By involving a broad range of participants, the program ensures a holistic approach to transforming the organization's culture and operations, fostering a unified and motivated workforce committed to shared goals.