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Marty Zalewski stands at the confluence of visionary entrepreneurship, mindfulness mastery, and transformative global leadership. He is widely recognized as an authority in applying mindfulness-in-business, life-centered approach of Design Thinking, and hybrid intelligence in technology and business for the New Economy defined by the emerging AGI, decentralization of systems and democratization of opportunities (newly coined as the ‘Web3 Economy’).

With a career spanning esteemed institutions such as Rightpoint (a top-5 global consultancy in Total Experience), Lloyds Banking Group (UK’s largest banking group), and General Electric (a global conglomerate known for its values-led leadership), Marty’s pioneering spirit is most evident in his game-changing Leading with Joy® method to thrive with impact and sustainable value creation in the New Economy. This paradigm-shifting approach intricately merges mindfulness, life-centered design strategies with hybrid intelligence (human, AI, and planetary), culminating in impactful innovation, societal enhancement, and environmental stewardship—cornerstones of enduring business success with sustainable value creation

It is Marty’s heartfelt dedication to a kinder, greener world that truly sets him apart. Marty prioritizes sectors crucial to human progression—wellness, healthcare, mobility, and finance—and crafts cutting-edge business strategies that resonate deeply with societal betterment. These innovative models are sculpted in line with his cherished values and further elevated by the conscious application of hybrid intelligence.

Marty’s multi-dimensional approach draws richness from his expertise as a certified Yoga Nidrā instructor and VortexHealing® practitioner. His upcoming literary venture, “The Mindful I: Leading with Joy” offers readers a profound insight into how personal evolution is the force for lasting fulfilment for self and the society at large. He’s a host of the widely popular “Leading with Joy Podcast” and an executive producer and host of the upcoming Neol Sparks podcast.

Let’s connect  if  you’re looking to revolutionize individual journeys or transform expansive organizational horizons through a strategic vision that combines heartfelt leadership and mindfulness.

Speaker at Global Fora and Events

Marty's reputation as a captivating speaker precedes him, as he is frequently invited to address prestigious events and esteemed academic institutions worldwide. From delivering compelling keynotes at venues such as the World Economic Forum, WebSummit, and the London Business School to hosting engaging master classes, Marty ignites thought-provoking conversations on the principles of Leading with Joy®. His ability to connect with audiences of diverse backgrounds ensures that his message resonates on a global scale.